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Tom Skotidas on Social Selling

Tom Skotidas

Tom Skotidas speaks on Social Selling at SuperTech 2016, in Auckland, New Zealand. How to not sell, but “social sell” – that is, to sell more with social media. Tom talks about the utility and power of connectivity for business as he uses Twitter and Periscope as examples. Tom says “connectivity in a social platform with the […]

Tom Skotidas Speaks about Social Selling and Personal Branding for B2B Sales

Tom Skotidas

In this era of social media, traditional selling techniques are no longer the most effective means to get you sales. Social media expert Tom Skotidas speaks about personal branding and successful social selling campaigns. Tom believes that content is the lifeblood of B2B sales as he begins to explain “In B2B, you need to be […]

Tom Skotidas Joins Speakers Connect

Tom Skotidas

Speakers Connect is proud to present Tom Skotidas, one of the world’s leading experts in Social Selling: the process of generating B2B sales leads using social networks, such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Tom’s story is powerful: from 2007 to 2011, he headed business development for a small digital firm of just two staff turning over $500,000 in annual […]