Adam Fraser: GRIT – Getting You to Thrive

Dr Adam Fraser and John Molineaux from Deakin University analysed over 800 professionals who worked in highly complex environments that were experiencing large amounts of change. The research showed that people who thrived in these environments had one distinguishing characteristic, they saw pressure as a challenge (an opportunity to develop and grow). In contrast people that faltered and suffered in complex environments saw pressure as a threat (I could mess this up, I could fail, I could be exposed as not knowing what I am doing). The ability to view pressure as a challenge not a threat is a characteristic we refer to as GRIT.

Why do we need it?
The business world is evolving faster than any other time in history. Environments are becoming more complex, margins are being squeezed, our customers are more informed than ever before and technology is changing our behaviour.

It’s harder and tougher than it has ever been before. And the companies that thrive are the ones that see challenge and change as opportunities. The ones with GRIT, who lean in, buckle down, and work together to master a task and see it through to the very end.

The ones who lack GRIT breed a workforce that is allergic to change, a workforce that will never innovate and ultimately become irrelevant. This is why 75% of all change efforts FAIL – because organisations low on GRIT cower at the first sign of a struggle and retreat to a “why can’t things stay the same” mentality.

Dr Adam Fraser will open your eyes to the importance of GRIT. He’ll uncover the level of Grit in your company and give you the tools to have a truly gritty workforce, one that pushes for success. He will:

  • Get you to understand the importance of GRIT and help your teams acquire it.
  • Empower teams with simple tools to increase their perseverance and tenacity in the heat of battle.
  • Demonstrate how a shift from a “fixed” mindset, where things are too hard, to a “growth” mindset greatly increases GRIT.
  • Reveal how GRIT and achieving at work is critical to an individual’s happiness and wellbeing.
  • Unlock key tools to help team members tap into the meaning and purpose of their role to increase their passion for their work.
  • Teach leaders and managers how to interact with their teams to increase the level of GRIT.

Adam Fraser

Companies and individuals now more than ever need to out create, out innovate and out market their competition. The result of this is a workforce that is having serious issues around sustaining performance. The fall out is people and companies loosing the ability to focus, be creative and develop clear strategies.

Combining years of work with Olympic athletes, the armed forces and business professionals of all levels Dr Adam Fraser perfected The Art of FLOW. A philosophy designed to be a real time solution to stress and burn out, that doesn’t involve taking time out or adding another task to our already full to do list!

FLOW is a high performance state also known as being “In the Zone”. At the heart of flow we find the key to getting more done for longer periods of time, whilst reducing stress levels, preventing burnout and keeping our teams engaged. FLOW is not a band aid solution to stress, but provides a practical vehicle to enable recovery from poor working habits. Or, as Dr Adam would put it, checking your Habits into Rehab!

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