Afterburner: Bringing the fighter pilot way to business

When fighter pilots go out on a mission, they bring with them the passion for Flawless Execution—they go out there do what exactly they set out to do. They train for years, go through test and all sorts of conditions to develop the mindset to do tasks effectively and efficiently as individuals and as team players. Afterburner is a team of fighter pilots who bring the Flawless Execution or FLEX mindset and framework closer to organizations and teams in different industries. FLEX is simple yet very effective; and its applications are universal. This why Afterburner has helped so many organizations have their team members performing with “close to zero gap between what they set out to do and what they actually achieve”.

Afterburner‘s FLEX framework involves 4 simple steps:


A PLAN aligns the team with the organization’s purpose and determines the course of action.  An effective BRIEF motivates people. To EXECUTE well, key focus must be identified. And to keep on improving, lessons learned should be put forth through DEBRIEFing.

Afterburner goes into great detail into how to use these principles to fit a company’s specific needs through their keynote speeches, team building activities and experiential workshops. They also help identify gaps in your existing system while pointing out the potentials that already exist.

More than challenging complex business frameworks with a simple way of thinking, Afterburner shows why even our daily lives can benefit from the cycle of Plan. Brief. Execute. Debrief.


Afterburner Australia is a team of Australian and New Zealand men and women who are part of the high performance fighter pilot community. They are the custodians of a simple process developed by fighter pilots over 60 years ago. This process significantly improved the performance of military aviation, and is so effective it is still in used today. To enable organisations outside the military to develop and foster a similar high performance culture, Afterburner tailored this process to business and called it Flawless Execution (or “FLEX” for short), a cycle of PLAN, BRIEF, EXECUTE and DEBRIEF.

Afterburner Australia provides high performance coaching and programs, from dynamic keynotes to experiential workshops focused on team building, leadership development, business planning and debriefing. They are high energy, contain a strong takeaway message and are customised to your business or event objectives. By the end of an Afterburner program, your team will feel motivated to excel in their environment.

Contact us if you are interested in engaging Afterburner inspire your team.