Alan Watkins: Improving the Performance of Corporate Executives


Trained as a doctor, Alan Watkins can provide your organization with a totally unique and extremely engaging presentation which will stir up a lot of thought and discussion. Despite his formal training, Watkins chose to focus primarily on how to maximize human performance and how to define and produce exceptional leadership. A true renaissance man, it’s impossible to pin define what Alan has to offer in a single paragraph.

At the moment, Alan is the CEO of the Complete Coherence Ltd. and an Affiliate professor of Leadership at the European School of Management. For over a decade, Alan has performed lecturing and consulting duties for multi-national organizations of all sizes, located throughout the whole world. Many of the UK’s foremost businessmen have studied under Alan, and the man has additionally published a wealth of articles and chapters in various books and journals.

The unique perspective Alan Watkins can bring to your organization is well demonstrated through a recently produced video detailing some of his unconventional theories for improving executive performance (you can watch the video here). Alan Watkins speakers performances are unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, covering a broad range of topics from the dynamics of transformation to the biological basis of leadership and how it can be tapped to produce stellar performance every day.

Executives attending past engagements by Alan have described the experience as “one of the best I ever attended,” as well as “a cornerstone piece for me,” and having “made a permanent positive difference.” If you would like Alan to make a “permanent positive difference” within your organization (and within your life) then commission him for a speech by contacting