Alice Kaushal: The How and Why of Networking

We go to events and swap business cards, we connect with friends and acquaintance on Facebook, we also have our Linkedin account…  With so many means to connect with people nowadays, what builds relationships and really make them count?

Seth Godin, marketing expert and author of best-sellers including “The Purple Cow”, “All Marketers are Liers”, “The Dip” and many more, said that the 500+ friends on Facebook do not always translate into real relationships.

Here is what he said, which is worth pondering:

People do business with people whom they trust and like.  How can we network effectively and make a more positive and lasting impression?  How can we become more likeable, gain more support and inspire people to achieve more?

Alice Kaushal, business social expert has a few tips to share:

Alice Kaushal | Networking & Business Social Etiquette @ Speakers Connect from Speakers Connect on Vimeo.

Trained by the “Emily Post Institute” the international authority on Business Etiquette, and being a truly global citizen, for she has, as she puts it, “lived and worked in every continent except Antarctica”, Alice has absorbed and enjoys diverse cultures, and is a true expert in business social etiquette.

Today, Alice is a sought-after speaker on Cross Cultural Communication, Business Etiquette, Customer Relations and Enhancing Image, addressing a growing need for confident, competent, culturally sensitive professionals who are effective in the global market place.

Alice Kaushal is a speaker of Speakers Connect. Contact us at for more information or to book Alice for your next event.

Blog post originally published at CTHR Blog on Networking.