Alvin Lee Inspires the Insurance Industry

Alvin Lee, Singapore-based motivational speaker, is beloved by the Insurance Industry. Alvin has been actively speaking in the financial consultant industry since 2005 and he has inspired the colleagues of AIA, Great Eastern, Prudential, Great Eastern, Sunlife, etc., and also at MDRT Conference.


Alvin Lee collage#2

Alvin took his Sandcastle story and continues to add a lot more content, highlights more relevant points and inspires senior Master Level people, as well as mid term people.

“A lot of people after my prudential talk came up to me and said they heard me for the 4th or 5th time, yet they are really enjoying the story again and again.” said Alvin.

With this new content and a new surge of energy, Alvin is now creating an additional series of different keynote speeches, especially for:

· High performance results driven Sales people, e.g, much like the Master level prudential agents

· Leadership forum that is looking for inspirational content to lead its own people

· Management forum on the essence of building anything

Alvin Lee

In 1993, when Alvin Lee was the general manager of an electronics factory, Alvin and his family invented and patented the construction set to build better sandcastles. His dream is that children around the world can build better sandcastles with better tools.  In the beginning, the project started out with great enthusiasm and energy, but soon enough he started encountering a long series of rejections and obstacles.   Unable to get any head start in Singapore, he ventured into USA looking for a suitable partner.

In 1995, he found such a partner, Eagle Affiliates. They got into a 10 years partnership and launched the product, Beachworks. Not long after, in 1998, this family hobby project ended up in the world largest toy fair, the New York Toy Fair and won the major toy award, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, the “Oscar” award equivalent in the toy industry.  It was featured in MSNBC’’s Today Show,  ABC, “A Stroke of Genius”Talking Point, and many other major news programs.

From a simple dream, it turned into a success. Today, some 20 years later, Alvin Lee runs a corporate training company Castles Can Fly that uses the same equipment to help corporate and youth program to make their own dreams come true.  He also started Castle Beach, a volunteer-run social enterprise movement, promoting the joy and benefits of family building sandcastles together.

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