Anders Sorman Nilsson Keynotes at HR Outsourcing Summit in Singapore on 12 May

Proud to announce that our futurist speaker, Anders Sorman-Nilsson will be the keynote speaker at the HRO Summit APAC

“Change does not care whether you like it…..” Anders Sorman-Nilsson

An expert on generational trends, thought leadership, branding and innovation Anders is an internationally sought after keynote speaker and has spoken to audiences across both Europe and Asia.

He works with an innovative portfolio of brands including Dow Jones and Fortune 500 Companies, fast growing SME’s, start ups and the odd Rugby Club.

When he is not inspiring ideas and facilitating conversations at conferences Anders fills the role of Creative Director at Thinque, a training and development consultancy that he started in Sydney in 2005. The Company specializes in executive mentoring and effective communications and works with organizations that seek to challenge the status quo and embrace the changing world.

Anders is author of “Thinque Funky: upgrade your thinking” (2009) and “Future Thinking: a trend spotting report”(2008).Thinque Funky was described by Daniel Pink New York Times bestselling author of A Whole New Mind as “ an upgraded and concrete perspective on how individuals and organizations can stay compatible and ahead of trend”

“Anders is like a B12 shot in the arm….he enables you to get back out there and tackle your problems with head on practical solutions you can implement today.” (Dr. Carl O Kane)

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