Anders Sorman-Nilsson’s Insights on the Crazy Jobs of the Future

Anders Sorman-Nilsson

Anders Sorman-Nilsson was recently interviewed by on the crazy jobs of the future. Below are some of his insights:

Drone traffic managers

With drones set to become a multi-billion dollar industry by the 2020s, the airspace up to 152m could become abuzz with drones – and some clever people, and computers, will have to monitor the chaos. Meanwhile the Defence Force will increasingly hire drone pilots. “Who will be the best person at flying a drone? Probably someone who grew up playing virtual computer games and is skilled with controls – it might be a kid who’s used to flying drone missions via simulator,” Sorman-Nilsson points out.

Coding ethicists

As hands-free cars and technological automation becomes more commonplace, so too do the ethical dilemmas that face companies – and they’ll look to ethicists to problem solve likely legal scenarios. Say for example a self-driving vehicle is about to be in a dangerous collision with another car – which driver will be protected? “Coding is not just going to be about the ones and zeros but coding for ethical decision making,” Sorman-Nilsson says.

Experience creators

As the world becomes increasingly digitised, Sorman-Nilsson says we’ll see an increase in the “transformation economy”, where we look for experiences and self-development to transform ourselves. “Now companies like Nike and Crossfit, as well as psychologists, are tapping into the fact we want to transform or better ourselves,” he explains. “Nike used to just sell shoes, but through Nike Plus and Running Club they are enabling us to monitor our performance to become better human beings.”

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Anders Sorman-NilssonAnders Sorman-Nilsson is a reformed lawyer, and the founder and creative director of the Sydney and Stockholm based research company – Thinque. His unique global perspectives have been helping leaders, teams, and business owners in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia make sense of and harness disruptive trends in innovations, generations and communications. His misfit insights have recently been manifested in his book Thinque Funky: Upgrade Your Thinking and amplified by endorsements via AFR Boss Magazine, Wired (UK), and Monocle.

Anders has advised clients like Apple, MTV, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly, SAP, McCann Erickson, CPA Australia, UTS Business School and Macquarie Bank on navigating the constantly shifting business landscape and how to successfully enter a new decade of thinking.

Anders‘ speaking topics include:

  • ‘Future Thinking: your organisation’s success GPS’
  • ‘Thought Leaders: the brands of the future’
  • ‘Innovation Intersections: tapping diversity in thinking’
  • ‘Waves of change: three global trends that will be disrupting your slumber’
  • ‘Misfits: leading cross-generational teams’

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