Andrew Grant, Asia's Leading Leadership Speaker Joins Speakers Connect

Andrew Grant.jpg

Speaker’s Connect is proud to announce Andrew Grant, the renowned Asia leadership speaker, has joined their agency! Over the last 15 years Andrew has worked closely with top executive clients from a multitude of international companies, helping them to develop their leadership capabilities and instructing them on how to better build, develop and guide their teams. Andrew does more than just teach and lecture- he is also the CEO of Tirian and acts as a creative designer for that organization’s internationally licensed programs.

Andrew has been lauded for his speaking abilities, and the strength of both his qualifications and instructional abilities are displayed by the company he’s shared before the podium. Andrew has spoken on the stage with some of the most influential and venerated speakers in the world today including Stephen Covey, Jonas Ridderstrale and Bob Nelson. Andrew has presented at the Young President’s Organization and the World President’s Organization, he’s lectured on leadership in the Middle East, and throughout the course of his career he’s spoken in over 15 different countries.

Andrew is well known for his ability to speak with expertise on a huge wealth of topics including the death (and potential rebirth) or organizational creativity, the deceptive truth behind collaboration, and how leaders need to take the reins to create powerful stories which will inspire and motivate their employees.

If you are interested in booking Andrew for a speaking engagement then you simply need to get in touch with his new representation, Speaker’s Connect, by sending a message to