Asia's Leading Futurist: Mike Walsh

If you are looking for an Asia futurist speaker you have many great, world class individuals to choose from, but it’s debatable there is no better speaker on futurism these days than Mike Walsh. Much of Mike’s strengths as a futurist come from his interdisciplinary approach. Mike understands how all of the world’s prominent industries, from media to finance to retail, are in the middle of cataclysmic changes which are redefining all of our closely-held assumptions and cherished mental and business frameworks. Rather than self-servingly attributing these changes to the pure genius of business leaders, Mike identifies consumer behavior as the true prime mover behind the brave new world emerging before our eyes.

Mike’s emphasis on the importance of observing and learning from consumer behavior is put on display in a recent article out of Manlia, Philippines. Within this article Mike utilizes a fascinating anecdote surrounding rural Chinese potato farmers and their first washing machine to illustrate the manner in which the Chinese (and soon to be the Vietnamese) are now using the century-old Asian principle of Shanzai at a thoroughly unprecedented pace. This massively increased rate of Shanzai practice and change has occurred due to the actions of the newly empowered consumer whose loose sense of affiliation forces businesses to continuously step up to the plate to stay solvent.

Across the world Mike has delivered speeches to packed houses where he explicates these modern issues and outlines how companies can use it to their advantage. If you wish to acquire Mike for a speaking engagement for your organization than a quick email to will put you in contact with his representation.