Attend Executive Briefing Series by Sattar Bawany

Attend the Executive Briefing Series by Sattar Bawany and you’ll understand what it actually takes to become successful as a business leader.


Business has been the most significant driving force of the modern world, offering choices, creating wealth, raising living standards and improving lives. At the heart of this increasingly global revolution are the business leaders – the men and women whose drive, vision and tenacity have created the great success stories of modern business. Such business leaders include Steve Jobs of Apple; Bill Gates of Microsoft: Jeff Bezos of Amazon; Richard Branson of Virgin Group, Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hatheway, Jaime Dimon of JP Morgan Chase; Ray Croc of McDonald’s; Sam Walton of Walmart; Henry Ford of Ford Motors; Ratan Tata of Tata Group; Li Ka-Shing of Hutchison Whampoa and many others.

In this Executive Briefing Series, you will find many awe-inspiring stories of great leaders in the arena of business. Learn from these leaders as you study their lives, their words and their success.

CEE has researched an extensive list of leaders in realm of business. We believe that if you are aspiring to be a leader in this arena, these stories will greatly benefit you and help you to understand what it actually takes to become successful. These business leadership stories are about leaders in the marketplace in the modern world who have made an impact in one way or another. Through their empires, they either have changed the face of business, or change even the way we live.

In each of the Executive Briefing Sessions, we will feature a select few of Business Leaders including:

  • Introduction of the Leader
  • A Quick History
  • Leadership Lessons
  • Quotes from this Leader
  • Youtube Videos

CEE believes that this Executive Briefing Series will help you understand the leaders in a deeper way and help you to emulate their success in leadership and in life.

More information:

Sattar Bawany

Prof Sattar Bawany is the Managing Director & Master Executive Coach of EDA Asia Pacific. EDA is a global leader in executive and leadership development whose mission is to help organizations successfully address their marketplace challenges and accelerate the execution of their business strategy.

Sattar has over 25 years international business management experience, including 15 years in executive coaching, group facilitation, and leadership development and training with global management consulting firms. He also has over 15 years of academic experience as an adjunct professor teaching senior executives international business strategies and HR courses at leading universities.

He is a keynote speaker at international and regional conferences, workshops and seminars on the following themes: executive leadership development, employee engagement and managing across the generational gap, strategic human resource management, and talent management and succession planning.

If you would like to engage Sattar to speak at your next event, then you simply need to contact us at or +852 21654126.