Banking Speaker Chris Skinner Commenting On British Economy Issue

An exceptional banking speaker, Chris Skinner recently lay out his unconventional ideas in a new interview with Trade TechTV. In the interview, which you can view here, “all-round financial guru” Chris Skinner covered a series of controversial topics in quick succession. Within the interview Chris explained how taxing banks wasn’t going to solve Britain’s economic problems and hasten their recovery, how the banks themselves should be treated a lot more like “land mines,” and how reporting needs to evolve in the not-so-distant-future in order to create a better financial picture for all.

It’s no surprise Chris was asked to share his incredible insight and hard-earned wisdom surrounding the world of finance. Chris is internationally famous for his influential and popular blog the Finanser and has authored eight different books, including the brilliant text The Future of Banking in a Globalised World. Among Chris’ other qualifications includes a position on the chair of the Financial Services Club, and duties as an active Chief Executive of the research company Balatro Ltd.

If Chris’ name sounds familiar it’s likely you heard him on one of the many internationally recognized media outlets you frequents. Chris enjoys regularly analyst spots on the BBC, Sky News and Bloomberg.

These days Chris spends much of his time traveling as one of the world’s foremost speakers on the topics of the future of banking and hard currency, the morality of banking and bankers (especially in hard economic times), and his trademark comparison of banks to landmines. To book Chris for one of his electrifying and edifying talks, simply contact his representation at