Bill Majcher: How Money is Laundered in Hong Kong

Bill Majcher

With over 25 years of global experience, Bill Majcher is considered to be an expert on the topics of money laundering and financial crimes.

Bill was a former Royal Canadian Mountain Police (working in undercover operations) and a former Eurobond and Futures plus Options trader and broker.

In his presentation at The Foreign Correspondents’ Club, Hong Kong, shared his observations on the prevalence and ease by which illicit capital flows and financial crimes are carried out in Hong Kong.‎ He discussed specific money laundering and financial crime techniques he personally utilized during his covert career and drew parallels to current activities taking place in Hong Kong and China.

Bill Majcher

Bill Majcher began his professional career as a Eurobond trader in London. In 1985, he left to join the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), where he embarked on a fulfilling two decade long career as a covert operative – culminating in multiple successful money laundering and financial crime prosecutions.

Bill’s lengthy law enforcement career included extensive undercover work across a broad spectrum of the capital markets, including several years as a commodity futures and options trader and broker. He also has extensive global experience as a cash commodities broker engaged in trade-based money laundering. He successfully infiltrated a major Colombian cocaine cartel at the height of their power – providing money laundering and investment services. Bill also exposed Caribbean-based banks established by the Russian mafia to facilitate all manner of criminal activities.

At one point as a covert operator, he was asked to launder discounted bonds for Libya, North Korea and Iran, which identified for the first time the degree to which offshore capital markets were compromised by blacklisted states, including criminal and terrorist organizations – all while being facilitated by third party professionals. Uniquely, Bill successfully engaged the banker who financed a global campaign that financed the single largest act of aviation terrorism prior to the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

Bill has enjoyed professional relationships in Asia since 1994, relocating to Hong Kong in 2006 to establish an international banking platform on behalf of a Hong Kong merchant bank, representing a number of Chinese state-owned and non-state owned enterprise clients engaged in overseas capital market activities. More recently, he served as an advisor to a prominent family in the GCC region.

Bill works with several private capital pools to identify direct investment opportunities and has launched several businesses, including EMIDR, a Corporate Risk firm that deploys military grade cyber technology to assist in cyber security and asset recovery operations. He continues to provide guidance and insight to select clientele on financial crime risk, sanctions and money laundering. Bill has used his unique background to develop a quantifiable Principles-Based governance program for large financial institutions.  Bill very recently was invited and presented to the UK Parliament’s All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) Cyber Security Committee in The House of Lords on the topic of “How To Bridge The Growing Cyber Trust Deficit Between China And The West”.

Bill‘s keynotes are:

  • Money Laundering & Financial Crime
  • Chinese Capital Flows: Laundering or Legitimate?
  • How Real is the Cyber Threat In Asia and Globally?
  • Financial Crime: Fact or Fiction?
  • Undercover: succeeding as an entrepreneur by following some tried and true principles learned from decades of conducting undercover operations

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