Alan Sieler: Coping with Life’s Challenges with Ontological Coaching

Life can be challenging at times.  Alan Sieler, auther of “Ontological Coaching” suggests a holistic approach to cope with life’s challenges. Whenever we do not get what we want, we tend to look outside, and explain that it’s somebody else’s fault, that we are not the one to blame. Yet, such thinking usually puts us […]

Alice Kaushal Etiquette Q&A: How does one get out of a boring conversation politely?

Alice Kaushal, business social etiquette expert shares practical etiquette tips.  Here are a few tricks on how to get out of a boring converation politely.  There are a few tried and tested strategies: “The Handoff”- you hail a friend/ colleague, make the introduction, get them talking and then excuse yourself. Trouble is, you have to […]

Dr Joseph Michelli Addressing the Hong Kong Audience for His Leadership Workshop on 30 August

Dr Joseph Michelli is going to conduct his Leadership Workshop, The Starbucks Experience in Hong Kong for the first time.  There are many leadership lessons he is going to share in the event.  Watch the video below from Dr Michelli on the Hong Kong Event.

John Shackleton: Change Is Possible… When Motivation Is Key

Tried to change a bad habit many times but failed? John Shackleton, professional athlete turned performance expert, tells you the secret of motivation. Details of John at Speakers Connect. As an inspirational speaker my job is to get people to take action on things they are failing to follow through on and one of the […]

Speakers Connect July Showcase Media Coverage

Speakers Connect July Showcase was featured in Classfiied Post, SCMP on Sat for our staging six International Speakers on strategies for succss in business.  How to better utilise a sales force, what should be done to maximise the value of the marketing budget, and ways to enhance the effectiveness of business strategies were among the […]

Dr Joseph Michelli Interviewed by SCMP Classified Post on his research on “International Chain’s Extraordinary Success”

Dr Joseph Michelli was interviewed by SCMP Classfied Post on his research on the success of international chains, including Starbcucks, and his first event in Hong Kong on 30 Aug 2010 co-hosted by Classified Post and Speakers Connect. For the Hong Kong audience, he intends to highlight the point that operational excellence is not enough […]

Speakers Connect July Showcase Photo Album at Flickr Ready

We had our Speakers Connect Showcase July held on Friday 30 July at the Pacific Place Conference Centre.  Most grateful that we had a full house and the audiences are happy about our event.  Testimonials: This is the best seminar I have been to! ~ Tony Chan, Turner Entertainment Thank you for putting the 30th […]

More Top-Notch Speakers Joining Speakers Connect

At Speakers Connect our mission is to inspire new ideas and stimulate thought by bringing you today’s leading voices in business and management.  We search from around the world speakers whom are unique, thought-provoking and truly passionate about their messages, whom can help you deliver… Let us introduce to you top-notch speakers who have joined […]

Dr Joseph Michelli Speaking on The Success Strategies of The Starbucks Experience in Hong Kong Soon!

For the first time, an outsider has been given unique access to Starbucks, offering readers an in-depth look at every level of the company. The Starbucks Experience offers a rare blend of boardroom strategies, employee motivation tips, community involvement, and customer satisfaction – for a full-bodied experience that really pays off. Dr Joseph Michelli, author […]

Speakes Connect Showcase July 2010

  We at Speakers Connect invite you to experience, learn from and be inspired by our most extraordinary speakers. Join us for a half-day filled with new ideas, strategies and tactics for growth… and a lot of laughter and fun. Date:       30 July 2010 Time:      9:00am Venue:   Pacfic Place Conference Centre Fee:       Early bird discount […]

Scott Mckain Knows What the Customers Really Want

How do your customers differentiate you from your competition? How can you make your market share skyrocket as the marketplace incrementally improves?  We at Speakers Connect are thrilled to have signed Scott McKain, who knows from experience and research that the answer is found in creating a differentiated and compelling "Ultimate Customer Experience!"® Scott McKain […]

Mike Walsh Talked About Futuretainment at Speakers Connect Showcase Event

Renowned futurist and author of Futuretainment, Mike Walsh shared at the Speakers Connect Showcase event the impact of recent technology, social network and mobile communication etc on consumer behaviour and what’s next in business. Mike Walsh – Futuretainment