Brett King and Movenbank – Recent News

Our banking futurist, Brett King,guarded with his extensive research of the banking industry, is launching his own bank, the Movenbank. Below is a few recent news on Moven Bank:

‘Friend request’ to cut bank fees? |


“If you introduced 20 friends, we might add 25 basis points to a saving account or offer free (person-to-person) transfers,” says Brett King, founder and chairman of MovenBank. While King does not dive into specifics of how

Brett King: Who Needs a Bank Branch When You’ve Got a Mobile


Brett King. Author Bank 2.0, founder Movenbank. GET UPDATES FROM Brett King. Like. 13 Simple and Movenbank are vying for the new definition of the ‘bank account.’ Telcos, like Rogers, are applying for banking licenses, and ISYS is

Sevendotzero: Why are the banks looking backwards?


Sunday, 1 January 2012 The move to contextual banking has been best summed up by Brett King of Movenbank – “Banking is now something you do, not somewhere you go”. This tenet underpins

World’s first everyday cardless bank to launch | Merchant Account


The launch of Movenbank was announced by its founder and chairman, Brett King, at the SIBOS Innotribe conference in Toronto last week. It is a completely new model of bank that will operate entirely online embracing mobile and social technology.

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