Brett King to Publish New Book: Augmented: Living Life in the Smart Lane

Brett King, leading futurist, is going to publish his new book, Augmented: Living Life in the Smart Lane, later this year.

Augmented: Living Life in the Smart Lane

With new technologies like the Apple Watch, Fitness and Health Monitors, Smart Glasses and Virtual Reality Goggles, Smartphones and Tablets, a person living today has instant access to more information than the entire planet had access to just 50 years ago. Everyday we generate the equivalent of 80 million times the amount of information in every book ever printed throughout all of human history. There is so much data being generated by devices connected to the Internet today that humans can no longer curate that content—we need machines and algorithms just to make sense of it all.

In the last 250 years technology has changed everything about our life and the world around us. But there will be more changes in the next 20 years alone than in the last 250 years combined. With supercomputer-level technology the size of a coin embedded all around us, smart sensors we wear or ingest that can tell we’re sick before we even know ourselves, self-driving cars that are hundreds of times safer than human drivers, and AI-based personal super-assistants, not only will the way we live be forever altered, but also the way we work, the way we learn and the way we love.

The Augmented Age is coming and it will be disruptive. Get ready for life in the smart lane!

Brett King

Brett King is a bestselling author and the founder of a breakout new retail banking concept, Movenbank. Voted as American Banker’s Innovator of the Year in 2012, King initially achieved recognition for his bestselling book BANK 2.0, which received widespread industry acclaim and topped category lists in the UK, USA, Germany, Japan, Canada, France Russia and Asia. ‘Branch Today, Gone Tomorrow’ – King’s second book achieved bestseller status in its first week on Amazon. He is widely considered the foremost global expert on retail banking innovation today.

A keynote speaker at leading global events for financial services and innovation, King is an acknowledged expert on innovation, customer experience and channel distribution strategy including understand the fundamental shifts in consumer behaviour.

Brett has presented at conferences in more than 40 countries for organizations like Google, Forbes, Oracle, The Economist, SAS, SWIFT, Bloomberg, American Banker, ABA, IIR, World Council of Credit Unions, and others. He has served as an international judge for The Asian Banker Retail Banking Excellence Awards, the GSMA Global Mobile Awards, the Middle East Business Achievement and Retail Banking Awards.

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