Brett King's Bank 3.0 up on Amazon for Pre-order…

Thrilled that Brett King’s Bank 3.0 up on Amazon for Pre-order!

The first edition of BANK 2.0 took the financial services world by storm and became synonymous with disruptive customer behaviour, technology shift and new banking models.

In BANK 3.0, Brett King looks at the latest trends that are redefining financial services and payments. From the global scramble for dominance of the mobile wallet, the expectations created by tablet computing, the operationalizing of the cloud and the explosion of social media he explores:Bank 3.0.jpg

How Social Media has exposed pricing, over-regulation, outdated processes and poor policy,

How mobile technology is completely changing the context of banking,

How customer advocacy is killing traditional brand marketing,

The growth of the ‘de-banked’ consumer who doesn’t need a bank at all; and

Why Banking is no longer a place you go, but something you do

BANK 3.0 shows that the gap between customer and financial services players is rapidly growing, leaving massive opportunities for new, non-bank competitors to totally disrupt the industry.

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