Caspar Berry: Intuition and Judgement in Decision Making

Intuition and judgement play a large part in our decision making, without us knowing it. Business speaker Caspar Berry shares his insights on how we can make better decisions.

Caspar Berry

Caspar Berry, at 25, took the decision that would dramatically change his life: he moved to Las Vegas and became a professional poker player! Caspar played poker professionally for most of the next 3 years of his life during which time he made a good living pitting his wits against the game’s best known players.

In 2002, Caspar returned to the U.K. and co-founded Twenty First Century Media, building it into the fastest growing audio visual media company in the North East of England before selling it in 2008 to Bob Geldof’s media giant, Ten Alps.

It was while still at the helm of twenty first century media that he began his career as a speaker and catalyst for new thinking within business about risk-taking and decision-making using his experience as a poker player to explain how we all make decisions in our personal and professional lives.

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