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Simone Heng Hosting & Moderation Showreel

Simone Heng

Simone Heng takes to the stage around the world, connecting audience at live events on a vast array of topics; from entrepreneurship, tech and innovation to human connection. Take a look at her hosting and moderation showreel below: Simone Heng is a human connection specialist and former international broadcaster for, among others, Virgin Radio Dubai, HBO […]

Cris Beswick Building a Culture of Innovation Keynote

Cris Beswick

In his “Building a culture of innovation“ keynote, Cris Beswick provides a pragmatic overview of how CEOs, senior leaders and key influencers can build organisation-wide innovation capability. Drawing on his many years’ experience at the forefront of innovation advising corporate clients around the world, he will demystify the concept of ‘innovation’, so often seen as […]

Adam Markel inspires corporate executives on being resilient

Adam Markel, bestselling author, keynote speaker and resilience researcher, guides individuals and organizations to tap the power of resilience to master the challenges of constant change. In his “MENTAL HEALTH” keynote, he inspires corporate executives on how to leverage the power of uncertainty to strengthen resilience.  Adam Markel, bestselling author, keynote speaker and resilience researcher, […]

The Benefit of Pre-recorded Contents for Virtual Events

Virtual Presentations

The COVID 19 pandemic has undoubtedly disrupted the speaking industry. While we still miss the days when we can meet face to face and connect in person, more and more clients and events organisers are getting comfortable with virtual events, and started to appreciate its flexibility, wider audience reach and cost-effectiveness. One trend that is […]

Ron Garan: Virtual Presentation Demo Video

Ron Garan

In his virtual keynote, Ron Garan uses original, larger-than-life footage captured from space to tell the story of how his perspective of the world and humanity changed after spending six months in orbit. Your team will walk away with a renewed sense of profound collaboration and the desire to set aside their differences and work […]