China Speakers Agency is launched

China Speakers Agency, the international speakers bureau focusing specifically on China is launched to meet the increasing demands from multi-national companies looking for concrete know-how on how to do business with / in China, and Chinese companies entering the global market looking for international experience. 

Riding on the success of the Hong Kong-based speakers bureau, Speakers Connect, which serves the Asia-Pacific clients, founder Priscilla Chan is establishing the new China focused speakers bureau to meet the growing demand in China-based speakers and experts. 

China experts represented by China Speakers Agency include Mr Jack Perkowski, , author of best-seller Managing the Dragon; Prof Willy Wo-Lap Lam, China Politics & Foreign Policy Expert, Mike Walsh author of best-seller Futuretainment and many more to provide concrete knowledge in how to succeed in China, as well as in international business.  More thinkers, experts, business leaders will be introduced to meet the needs of the clients.

For more information about China Speakers Agency, please visit