Chris Helder Talks About Communications

Chris Helder, renowned speaker on communication, influence and mastering the power of mindsets, talks about how to improve your communications by the matching skills.

Chris Helder

Originally from the United States, Chris’ presentations are a high energy and hilarious look at understanding human behaviour. From mastering ‘nightclub excellence’ to finally winning that big account, audiences discover the key to building rapport and influencing those around them. These skills range from adjusting to different ‘intensities’, to easily reading and adapting to body language and eye patterns in order to quickly establish a connection. Chris also challenges participants to understand the importance of mastering their own ‘mindset’, in order to avoid playing the role of victim within situations.

Chris is fascinated with helping people take back control of their own self-talk, believing that “the most important words we say all day, are the words we say to ourselves, about ourselves, when we are alone by ourselves”. He believes most people are cruel and demeaning in those moments. Chris teaches people how to master this communication, altering their self perception and therefore the results they attract.

Chris speaks at conferences in the areas of sales, communication, influence, change and developing a mindset for growth. Well known for his powerful keynote presentations, Chris provides audiences with the tools to master the art of influence with both clients and themselves. He is also the acclaimed author of leading sales and motivation books ‘Stop Selling!-The Art of Reading the Client & Winning the Business’ and ‘Street Smart – Playing & Winning the Corporate Game’.

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