Conor Woodman's Scam City Showing on Hong Kong TVB Pearl

Conor Woodman‘s Scam City is showing on Hong Kong TVB Pearl.

Conor Woodman

Money has been saved, the trip has been booked and you’re off to an exotic locale for a much needed vacation. Every year, hundreds of millions of tourists head off in pursuit of adventure in foreign climes – and each year, millions of them get a little more adventure than they bargained for. Anyone can be a victim of a crime but it seems to come naturally to tourists. As millions of tourists flock to the world’s greatest cities, Scam City exposes the scammers and thieves lurking behind the scenes, ready to take advantage. Using hidden cameras, host Conor Woodman goes undercover to get scammed so tourists don’t have to. Meeting with clever con artists from Buenos Aires to Prague, Istanbul to Bangkok, Conor gains their trust, learns the tricks to their illicit trades – and gets into a few tussles along the way.

Each episode will explore one of the most popular cities for travelers, including Rome, Marrakech, Prague, Buenos Aires, Vegas, Bangkok, Barcelona, Rio, Delhi and Istanbul.

Conor Woodman

Conor is an international best selling author, TV presenter and broadcaster. Conor is a former financial analyst turned investigative journalist. He has written and reported from the four corners of the globe on all manner of issues from gangs and organised crime to slavery and diamond smuggling to forest fires and salmon farming. Conor has a passion for making often complex stories accessible to everybody and a rare ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

Conor’s books have been translated into 10 languages and published worldwide. His first book Around The World in 80 Trades – The Adventure Capitalist and accompanying four-part television series for Channel 4 tell the story of how he left his job in the City, sold his London flat and embarked on a round-the-world trading adventure. Travelling through four continents over five months, he turned his hand to making a profit out of everything to discover how real people make real money in real markets.

Conor’s second book Unfair Trade deals with how ordinary people around the world survive at the bottom of the supply chain. By living alongside miners, farmers, factory workers and fishermen from Africa to Asia to Central America, Conor tells the stories of the real people on whom the global economy depends. Unfair Trade was long listed for the prestigious 2012 Orwell Prize for political writing.

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