Dan Thurmon Launches New Keynote Topic: Positive Chaos

Dan Thurmon

We’re living in a time where “change” has become “CHAOS.” Events that seem unpredictable and out of our control can can environment of anxious overwhelming stress. Or, you can leverage today’s CHAOS into breakthroughs of understanding and exponential future results.

Dan Thurmon will teach you the truth about CHAOS. You’ll gain insights and tools to transform your CHAOS from a negative state to a strategic advantage. Learn to see clear patterns in what now appears random, and take intentional action to shape them for your benefit!

– Understand and use the principles of Chaos Theory in order to take more confident action during uncertain times.
– Identify existing patterns within seemingly random or unpredictable events, or within consistent recurring similar situations and obstacles.
– Shape those patterns more intentionally to create dramatically better future results.

At the end of this presentation, attendees are more resourceful, confident and comfortable in the midst of change, for themselves and those they lead.

Watch the video below to learn more about Dan‘s latest keynote:

Dan Thurmon

Dan Thurmon  is a peak performance expert, lauded author, and a lifelong student of success, happiness, and achievement.

Dan is on a mission to encourage attendees’ uniqueness and contributions, to discover a sense of purpose and greatness and to have meaning at work, and in their lives.

At the young age of 11, Dan learned the power of performance through a mentor who taught him some amazing physical skills, and also gave him a channel for his bountiful energy. He quickly excelled as a variety artist, comedy entertainer, and entrepreneur. Even in his high school years, the connection between business awareness, high level service, and self-improvement became evident and fascinating.

Graduating with honors, his entertainment business paid for his business degree at the University of Georgia. He applied the lessons in sales, management, and marketing to his entrepreneurial ventures in real time.

Since that critical pivot of life and work, he has worked with organizations around the world, in every spectrum of business: Fortune 500 companies. Startups. Associations across hundreds of industries. Troops on the front lines. Students, teachers, and entrepreneurs. Through his presentations and workshops, Dan helps these organizations to accelerate improvement, facilitate true breakthroughs and enable and encourage greatness.

Inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame and a member of the illustrious Speakers Roundtable, Dan also served as President of the National Speakers Association, leading their CEO, staff and 3,500 world-wide members in a profound transformation.

Organizational change happens when people make breakthroughs. Dan’s presentations help organizations to become more of who they strive to be. When that happens, people become better. Companies become better. And the world becomes better.

Dan‘s keynotes are:

  • Off Balance On Purpose
  • Perform – Ability
  • Positive Chaos

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