David Gething to release his new book “Relentless” in Oct 2016

David Gething

David Gething

David Gething is releasing his book Relentless on October 17, 2016. David’s new book details the Sydney-born veterinary surgeon’s journey to personal and professional transformation.

Relentless is an insider’s guide to the ultimate physical challenge of winning the World Marathon Challenge—a race covering seven marathons on seven continents in seven days and setting two world records. But at the same time it is also a compelling book that traces David’s resilience and perseverance—from drifting high school dropout to highly soughtafter veterinary surgeon, from party animal expat to a new father who is committed to change his life forever.
Relentless will be available in hardcover and ebook.

Here’s a few of the initial feedback on David‘s book Relentless:

“When David first approached me about racing the 7 Marathons, in 7 days on 7 continents challenge I first wondered how it was even possible. But then I also realized that David is one of those special athletes with the physical strength to handle the punishment that would need to be endured, but even more importantly the mental strength to stay focused and keep pushing right to the end no matter how much suffering he would have to endure”
NIGEL GRAY – Professional Coach and Elite Professional Triathlete

“David Gething has done an excellent job of capturing the essence of the event—the characters, courses, logistics, the internal dialogues and doubts, the issues and ethics and, in the end, the sheer magnitude of it all. Yet, like Ultraman, despite its length and relatively small number of competitors, Gething draws the reader into the art and heart of what it means to be a champion. Gething translates the nuances of such a multi-day challenge into an exciting finale both on and off the pages of the book. I was totally impressed and engrossed. An excellent read—I would totally recommend the book.”
STEVE KING – Ironman and Ultraman triathlete

“A wonderfully told adventure about pushing your limits – for runners and non-runners alike. Couldn’t put it down.”
JOHN ELLIS – Internationally renowned ultra-runner

“The ambition and dedication that David Gething demonstrates in his remarkable achievement shows that he has the true spirit of an IRONMAN: Anything is Possible with the right amount of dedication and commitment.”

David GethingDavid Gething has competed in numerous marathons including the famed Boston Marathon, Ironman triathlons (up to world championship level), Ultraman and multi-day European bicycle stage-
races and has set two new world records after winning the World Marathon Challenge.

David’s passion for long distance running and overall fitness came after a life-changing moment less than a decade ago when he realized he was overweight, out of shape that it was time to get fit.

David Gething holds both Australian and UK citizenship, but has spent the longest stretch of his life in Asia. When when not training and racing, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, and working as head veterinarian at Creature Comforts Veterinary Housecall Practice.

As a keynote speaker, David Gething inspires his audience on the topics related to his World Marathon Challenge win such as motivating for change, dedication and self-belief, teamwork and even travelling and racing in North Korea.

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