David Lim Qinghai Expedition Media Coverage

David Lim, Asia’s renowned motivational and adventure speaker, is just back from his Qinghai Expedition. This is his 7th virgin peak climb in China.   

We are so proud of David and here is the media coverage (more to come…):

I remember telling David, ‘Hey, it’s likely we’re the first humans to ever set foot on this part of the world,'” said Mr Rozani, 45, a climbing and safety specialist who has accompanied Mr Lim on expeditions for 17 years.

This is the seventh – and highest – virgin peak they have summitted together.

Previous expeditions in 2005 and 2009 with other climbers led to the naming of six peaks in the Tien Shan range straddling Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Those were given names such as Singapura I, Majulah and Ong Teng Cheong, after the former president. The highest, Majulah, was 5,152m.

But the latest accomplishment was by far the toughest. The pair spent months poring over decades- old Russian army maps, contacted American and Japanese glaciologists who were in the area 20 years ago, and used a Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of the mountain.

“I think we spent more effort preparing for this than for Everest,” quipped Mr Lim, 48.

The worldwide community of virgin peak climbers is small, compared with the hundreds who attempt Everest every year. A few hundred virgin peaks exist in far-flung regions of Tibet, Greenland, Antarctica and the Himalayas, said Mr Lim.

Although he led Singapore’s first team up the 8,848m Mount Everest 14 years ago…

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