David McWilliams, Global Economist, Available for Conferences in Asia

Great news! David McWilliams, Global Economist, is now available to speak at conferences in Asia.


David McWilliams

David McWilliams is a world-renowned economist based in Dublin. He was the first economist to identify the Irish boom as nothing more than a credit bubble, warning of its collapse and the consequences for the country. His objective is to make economics as widely available and easily understandable on as many platforms as possible.

He was made a Young Global Leader by the WEF at Davos. He is adviser to a number of major global investment funds and a regular speaker on the international circuit.

He is an economist, author, journalist, lecturer, broadcaster and documentary maker and has written four bestsellers, presented award-winning documentaries and has even brought economics to the stage, at Ireland’s Abbey Theatre.

He is very active on social media and the third most widely followed economist in the world with 135,000 Twitter followers. David is also ranked “Ireland’s the most influential Twitter user”. He writes two economics columns a week and is a regular international contributor to the Financial Times. His daily global financial markets newsletter, GlobalMacro360.com is read by tens of thousands of his Twitter followers each morning all around the globe.
He is the co-founder of the world’s only economics festival ‘Kilkenomics’, an eclectic combination of economics and stand-up comedy, described by The Australian as “Davos without the hookers”.

David has just launched his new online economics course – “Economics without Boundaries” – partnering with Udemy and his series of animated economics videos – Punk Economics – have been viewed by 700,000 people so far.

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