David McWilliams on the Longterm Consequences of the US Presidential Election

David McWilliams

Economist David McWilliams wrote about the long term consequences of the US Presidential election. This is not about the personalities but about the issues. It reflects deep concerns about the US economy, inequality, distruptive technologies and their impact on future economic policy and asset prices.

David says “Although Hillary Clinton promises more of the same, that will not stem the groundswell of American public opinion that has driven the Trump phenomenon, and she knows this. Even a Clinton Presidency, much hoped for on Wall Street, will have to listen to Main Street.”

Read more of David McWilliams’ thought-provoking article here.

David McWilliamsDavid McWilliams is a world-renowned economist, author, journalist, lecturer, broadcaster and documentary-maker based in Dublin.

David has written four bestsellers and was made a Young Global Leader by the WEF at Davos. He is adviser to a number of major global investment funds and a regular speaker on the international circuit. He is also the third most widely followed economist in the world with 135,000 Twitter followers and also ranked “Ireland’s the most influential Twitter user”.

He writes two economics columns a week and is a regular international contributor to the Financial Times. David McWilliams is also the co-founder of the world’s only economics festival ‘Kilkenomics’, an eclectic combination of economics and stand-up comedy, described by The Australian as “Davos without the hookers”.

David has just launched his new online economics course – “Economics without Boundaries” – partnering with Udemy and his series of animated economics videos – Punk Economics – have been viewed by 700,000 people so far.

Once upon a time he had a real job working as an economist first in the Irish Central Bank and later as Chief Euripean Economist at UBS and Head of Emerging Markets Research at Banque Nationale de Paris. He studied economics at Trinity College Dublin and the College of Europe in Bruges.

David’s speaking topics include:

  • Trends in the global economy
  • How trends in growth, currencies and financial markets will affect your organization
  • The European Debt Crisis

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