Derrick McManus Speaking in May 2015 at HR Summit in Singapore

Derrick McManus is going to speak at the HR Summit in Singapore (May 19-20, 2015) on “Boost Organisational and Employee Success with Durability”.


Durability – the ability to anticipate future challenges and adapt our physical, mental and emotional selves, as either individuals or organisations, to sustain peak performance for extended periods of time.

Derrick McManus was a Sniper, Diver and Counter-Terrorist Operative with the elite Special Tasks And Rescue (STAR) Group of the South Australian Police. During a high-risk arrest in 1994, Derrick was shot 14 times in less than 5 seconds with a high-powered rifle. He was left lying on the ground, bleeding to death, for 3 hours before he could be rescued.

With massive life threatening injuries, Derricks battle to survive was long and arduous. The first medevac doctor to get to Derrick said, “He’s one of the sickest patients I ever had that actually survived& when I initially saw him I actually thought he was dead.”
For two and a half years, Derricks rehabilitation was a roller coaster ride of physical and emotional highs and lows – but he fought on relentlessly. In 1996, Derrick was presented with the Physiotherapy Award for Perseverance and Dedication to Rehabilitation.

This Plenary session is a rare insight in a totally open and frank real life account of how one man proactively prepared himself physically, mentally and emotionally for what no one else could ever imagine. An insight into how that preparation allowed him to sustain his peak level performance so that, despite being shot 14 times, he was able to fire back to defend himself, take evasive action and keep himself safe until he could be rescued.

Through his preparation, Derrick had equipped himself with Durability – he had anticipated the challenges and physically, mentally and emotionally equipped himself to sustain peak performance for an extended period of time.

Durability is different to Resilience – which is the ability to “bounce back” from adversity. We dont want to wait till we break and then bounce back. We want Durability to sustain our peak performance.
We all have different levels and types of challenges in our lives. The system to prepare ourselves for sustained peak performance is the same.

From this presentation, learn more about:

  • Derricks 6 Step Formula for Durability
  • The 5 Drivers for Achieving Success under Pressure
  • How to build Confidence, Courage and Capacity
  • How everyone can easily take 100% responsibility for choices and the consequence of those choices
  • How humour is one of your greatest allies for breaking the physical, mental and emotional tension associated with stress and developing creativity without disregarding the seriousness of any incident
  • How to trust your intuition in a time of crisis – and get it right
  • How to turn your staff into proactive decision makers and action takers

Learning what Derrick knows makes developing Durability a predictable, learnable and repeatable process. It gives every person and every organisation the confidence and courage to believe they have the capacity to achieve what no one else would expect.

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