Dr Alan Watkins: The Biological Basis of Leadership

Dr Alan Watkins is recognised as an international expert on leadership and human performance. His “Brilliance Every Day: The Biological Basis of Leadership” Keynote is what every high-achieving leader needs…

Alan Watkins

We live in a turbulent, uncertain, confusing and continuously changing world where we are faced with deeply complex problems we are not trained to deal with . The pressures placed on executives today far exceed those of 10 years ago. At every turn as leaders of our business we can find ourselves having to make difficult decisions and work in highly stressful situations whilst remaining completely energised, focused and inspiring.”

Despite this, most leaders can still deliver great performance sometimes but very few can be brilliant every day. In our closing address Dr Alan Watkins will turn the focus on you and explore the science behind leadership. He will reveal how the best leaders in the world think about leadership and show you how you can step change you own ability, control your own biology and regain the energy levels you had 10 years ago. Be prepared to be surprised by how good you could be.

What you will learn from the session:

· What the top 500 global CEOs think about
· What you need to spend your time on if you want to succeed in a complex world
· Exactly what pressure does to your brain and your performance and how to avoid brain shutdown
· How to be confident even under the most challenging conditions
· How to change other peoples performance in just a few minutes

About Alan Watkins

Alan has a broad mix of commercial, academic, scientific and technological abilities. Drawing on his background as a physician and neuroscientist he has an ability to integrate different lines of development and scientific advances from many fields. Over the past 15 years he has been a coach and confidant to many of Europe’s top leaders.

Alan has extensive media experience in radio and television. He recently featured in his own ten part series for BBC called “Temper your Temper” where he coached ten individuals with anger issues.

He is passionate about developing enlightened leadership in the world in multiple market sectors and enabling leaders to make a more meaningful contribution in an increasingly complex world. Executives attending past engagements by Alan have described the experience as “one of the best I ever attended,” as well as “a cornerstone piece for me,” and having “made a permanent positive difference.”

If you would like Alan to make a “permanent positive difference” within your organization (and within your life) then commission him for a speech by contacting info@speakersconnect.com.