Dr Dennis Khoo: All Digital Future on Digital Transformation and It’s importance

Dr Dennis Khoo

In a recent interview with Biztech Asia, Dr Dennis Khoo talked about All Digital Future and it’s importance on digital transformation.

We are living in a time of exciting technological innovations – digital technologies are driving transformative change and economic paradigms are shifting. These new technologies are reshaping product and factor markets and are profoundly altering business and work. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, we see companies rise up to embark on their digital transformation journeys.

However amidst these adoptions, analysts have cautioned that of US$1.3 trillion spent on digital transformation in 2018 alone, an estimate of US$900 billion went to waste. The reason for this is because 70% of businesses failed to meet their transformation objectives.

So how can companies overcome the odds and achieve long-term success with organization-wide transformation? To answer these questions, we reached out to Dr Dennis Khoo, Managing Partner, All Digital Future LLP. An accomplished digital transformation expert and co-author of ‘Driving Digital Transformation’, Dennis spoke about the common pitfalls of digital transformation including successful strategies that businesses can embark on to succeed in their transformational efforts.

Watch the video here:

Dr Dennis KhooDr Dennis Khoo is an accomplished digital transformation expert, author and speaker in innovation and leadership. Armed with dual experience in Information Technology and Financial Services, he has a unique advantage in developing and executing strategies for the transformation of businesses in a digital world.

Dennis is author of the bestselling book Driving Digital Transformation in which he describes his experience leading complex digital transformations and the playbook he created (“taP”) to significantly raise the probability of success of complex digital transformations.

Dennis was a senior banker who had previously run billion dollar businesses as head of consumer banking for Standard Chartered Bank and UOB in Singapore. He was responsible for many of the innovations in the consumer banking industry in Singapore and has won multiple awards, e.g., Winner of Asian Banker Best Deposit Linked account in 2007, Winner of Asian Banker Best Payment Product in 2011. Dennis has hands-on experience in every product area in consumer banking and was previously CEO-Designate in one of the consortiums bidding for the digital bank wholesale license in Singapore.

A digital bank pioneer in ASEAN, Dennis was global head of TMRW Digital Group (UOB’s Millennial digital bank), where he was responsible for the strategy, growth and delivery of the TMRW Digital Bank. The first TMRW Digital Bank went live in Thailand in 2019, and the second in Indonesia in 2020. TMRW won Global Finance Most Innovative Digital Bank in Asia Pacific in 2019. Dennis also led the joint venture initiatives into FinTech like Avatec.ai and VUI Pte Ltd as part of the ecosystem to support the growth of TMRW. Details at www.tmrwbyuob.com.

Dennis is a WABC (Worldwide Association of Business Coaches) Registered Corporate Coach, a certified Gallup Strengths coach, and accredited in Harrison Assessment Employee Development. Dennis has mentored and coached many successful executives in his long career.

Dennis was awarded the IBF Distinguished Fellow Award in 2012. The “IBF Distinguished Fellow” title is a prestigious title conferred upon industry captains and leaders who are the epitome of professional stature, integrity, and achievement. The Distinguished Fellows serve as a beacon of excellence for the industry.

Dennis’ keynotes are:

  • Succeeding in digital transformation in a complex world.
  • the allDigitalFuture Playbook (taP): How to succeed in Digital Transformation and Innovation in a complex world.
  • Driving Digital Transformation: Lessons from building the first ASEAN Digital Bank

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