Dr Dianne McGrath Inspires Audiences with her Expeditions

Dianne McGrath

Dr Dianne McGrath is currently circumnavigating our planet in the Clipper 2023-24 Round the World Yacht Race.

In her keynote, she would explain how she is preparing for this unique adventure, how she pushes herself to go beyond her comfort zone, seeks to learn something new every day, and does her best to protect our future: our oceans.

Learn more about Dianne’s work and advocacy by watching the video below:

Dianne McGrathDr Dianne McGrath is a modern-day explorer of a different kind.

Challenging what others think impossible, Dianne has been one of 100 shortlisted candidates worldwide in the Mars One mission, which sought to establish the first permanent human settlement on Mars. Dianne is currently a circumnavigator in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.

Dianne’s sense of adventure, endless curiosity, determination and fitness has seen her sail a tall ship in the Southern Ocean, cycle extreme distances, jump from a plane, and run multiple marathons and an ultra-marathon. Dianne believes nothing is insurmountable.

She lives a life that embodies sustainability. As a recognised global expert in the field, Dianne inspires us all to protect our planet.

She is a leader, team player, project manager and creative problem solver. Dianne has extensive experience working in and managing teams in sales, marketing, emergency services and government.

Dianne’s keynotes and workshops are:

  • See (y)our world differently
  • Preparing for the adventure of a lifetime
  • Connect with and grow your resilience
  • Beyond Mars
  • On Purpose – A Personal Deep-Dive into Why We Do What Matters

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