Emma Reynolds – New Thinking About HR

Emma Reynolds, our Gen Y Expert, urges organisations to have a new thinking about HR. Emma considers that HR is the new Marketing and that we truly need to think differently when it comes to attracting talent, hiring, engaging and developing our employees.


HR is the new Marketing; Employer Branding & Talent Acquisition

This is one of the core programs that Emma facilitates. You’ll often hear her saying “Work Sucks” and “We are stuck in the 20th century industrial age mindset in how we manage our workforces.” She strongly believes that HR is the new Marketing and that we truly need to think differently when it comes to employees. In her opinion, candidates and employees are thinking and acting like customers.

Disruption breeds innovation. And there is no better place to start than in HR and Recruitment. In the past decade alone we have experienced some of the greatest disruptive innovations. Think iTunes, Amazon, Square, MPESA…the list goes on. These innovations didn’t come from within industry. What does the next few years hold? Will your job even exist in 2015? Take a moment to really stop and think about that. Will your job exist in 2015? Is your product, service, industry or company the next target for disruptive innovation? Or are you at the forefront pioneering the next disruptive innovation? It’s time the recruitment industry changed. It’s time HR started thinking like Marketing and totally transformed the candidate experience. Employer Branding doesn’t mean what it used it.

  • Your candidate experience SUCKS
  • Candidates are thinking and acting like customers
  • Decoding The Cool List and totally disrupt how you recruit

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