Eric Feng Rocked the Stage of MDRT with 5000 Pax in the Audience!

Eric Feng, communications expert, just did a 5000 leaders event at MDRT, a prestigious program under the insurance business, at Prudential Malaysia. Got a standing ovation too. The title of the speech is “Unlock Your Personal Charisma: How To Win Your Client’s Business For Life”

Eric Feng

Eric Feng is a leading authority in the area of public speaking and business communications. He has written four communication books including Get To The Point ®.

Well known for his practical insights and humor, Eric has worked with many prestigious companies like IBM, AIA, Pfizer, Credit Suisse, Shell and FedEx. Apart from teaching executives and managers to increase the clarity and persuasiveness of their presentations, Eric also helped C-level executives to craft more effective speeches that inspire action and results. Eric is also well regarded as an expert in public speaking by the media, which explains his regular appearance on both regional and national TV, radio and print.

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