Eric Noel in Tokyo in Late August

Eric Noel, strategist and global business and policy thinker, will be in Tokyo in late August 2014. Contact us at Speakers Connect if you wish to have him as a speaker.

Eric Noel

Eric Noël

A few times a year, Eric Noël steps out of his daily consulting job to present or facilitate seminars and conferences on long term trends, geo-economics and global markets. His most popular presentations are on the world towards 2030.

Through his on-going research and consulting, he is exposed to many of the fundamental political, economic, technological and environmental changes that affect investors and business and government leaders around the world. His macro-change monitoring and studies enable him to have 1) a unique top-down and multi-disciplinary approach on how societies, organizations and individuals can create their future or adapt to it and 2) to update his clients on tomorrow’s most critical issues.

As a global business and policy thinker and strategist, Eric tracks, studies and reframes a new, interdependent and chaotic global environment into contents that help major organizations anticipate and plan for tomorrow’s challenges.

His thinking and presentations are supported by 25 years of global research for Fortune 500 companies, large institutional investors, government agencies and international organizations. He has been involved in projects in more than 30 countries representing FDI or M&A flows above $30B. He has contributed to several foresight exercises in both the private and public sector and serves as external advisor to global organisations.

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