Fernando Salvetti Speaking at Evolving Corporate Universities Forum

Fernando Salvetti, Anthropologist, epistemologist, knowledge entrepreneur, will be speaking at the Evolving Corporate Universities Forum in Singapore on 19-20 Oct 2011. Fernando.jpg

Fernando Salvetti

Fernando is the founder and managing partner of LKN Knowledge Network, an international think-tank set up in 1996 to network all around the world to deliver leading-edge solutions essential to people development.

Today the LKN’s network is made by 3,000 experts. With operations in over 60 countries, in the world’s primary languages. He lectures in several universities and business schools and authored books like “Learn how to learn!”, “Glo-cal working”, “Ethics and business”.

Evolving Corporate Universities Forum (ECU)

ECU provides valuable insights for organizations acquiring all-important management skills to ensure success in the project management of new learning needs strategies, and acquiring competitive knowledge development.

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Contact us if you would like to engage Fernando to speak at your organization, or meet with him riding on his Asian trip next week.