Fredrik Haren: One World. One Company. (Beta)!

Asia’s Top Creativity and Innovation Speaker, Fredrik Haren, has just pre-launched his new book, One World. One Company. on the new breed of global company – the concept of a global brand and ‘The Global Divide’ – the gap between thriving and struggling companies.

In this new book, he talks about: 

  • How global companies have become truly global and what the lessons are for others.
  • What you can learn from companies who have successfully created One Company.
  • What makes companies ‘nationalistic’ brands versus global brands.
  • The values of a truly global company – work, behaviour and challenges.
  • How to maximise global resources to take advantage of a new type of globalised world.

Fredrik has travelled the world to try to understand what defines the ‘thrivers’, conducting interviews with companies that have come the longer or shorter part of their journey towards becoming global. He has captured the steps that managers and companies have taken in order to become successful, through interviews with CXOs of global companies including Mindshare, SKF, Volvo, IKEA, Rovio, Lufthansa, Coca-Cola, LG, HP, KPMG, RBS, ANZ, Credit Suisse, Manpower, Google and Twitter and will share these on the Cannes stage.

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