Fredrik Haren Talks About Creativity

Fredrik Haren, Asia-based best speaker on innovation and creativity, talks about creativity, innovation and the advantages the “developing world” now has…

Fredrik Haren Creativity

I think to be creative you have to have a vision. You have to be able to imagine. Imagination is about creativity. An idea is a picture that exists in your head and no-where else.


So the most important thing for a leader in a company is not to say how can we become like Apple. It’s to say what is our creative DNA? What’s the creativity in our company? What’s the best idea to have come out of this company and when are we the most creative as a group and when are we least creative. And then you say this is our creative DNA and you try to make it stronger.

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Fredrik Härén has written 7 books, including The Idea Book, an international best selling management book on business creativity that has been translated into 14 languages and which was recently included in “The 100 Best Business Books of All Time”. He has been invited to give keynote speeches at more than 1000 conferences and events in 30 countries. In 2007 he was awarded “Speaker of The Year” in Sweden. He now lives in Singapore.

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