Gerard Lyons, London Mayor Boris Johnson's Economic Advisor, will be in HK in Mid October

Gerard Lyons, former Standard Chartered Bank Chief Economist and now London Mayor Boris Johnson’s Economic Advisor, will be in Hong Kong in Mid October.

Gerard Lyons

Gerard Lyons is a British economist and the economic adviser to the Mayor of London.

Lyons started his banking career in 1985 as an economist at Chase Manhattan Bank in New York. He went on to be Chief UK economist at Savory Milln, Chief UK economist at Swiss Bank Corporation, Chief Economist at DKB and then Chief Economist at Standard Chartered Bank. Since December 11, 2012, Gerard is chief Economic Adviser for the Mayor of London Boris Johnson. He has also carried out research at the Henley Centre for Forecasting and he gained his PhD from the University of London on ‘Testing efficiency of financial futures markets’.

Lyons is a widely cited economic forecaster. Over the years, Gerard has gained a reputation for accurate analysis. He was one of the few economists to predict the Lawson Boom/Bust and its consequences, the early 90’s recession and the pound’s ERM exit. In recent years Dr Lyons has been an accurate forecaster of global interest rate movements. He has forecast accurately low global inflation and the economic and financial problems in Japan. He accurately outlined the Asian crisis and its consequences. In 1999, he opposed the UK adopting the euro, predicting that the combined currency would run into trouble, as occurred in the 2010 European sovereign-debt crisis. He has repeatedly been awarded “top forecaster” by the Sunday Times.

Gerard is invited frequently to speak at conferences, attend diners and appear on UK and international television and radio and is regularly afforded press coverage.  In recent years he has written articles for all the major UK papers and contributes regular articles for the UK and the international press and various publications. He is a regular commentator for Bloomberg and Sky News.

Gerard Lyons is the co-author of ‘The Commission on the Pound Sterling’ commissioned by William Hague. In 2007 he gave testimony on the topic of sovereign wealth funds before the United States Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs and again in 2008 to the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

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