Graeme Cordrington: "Leading in a Changing World" Keynote

To meet the needs of corporations from around the world to lead in a changing world, our renowned keynote speaker, Graeme Cordington is launching his new keynote:

Leading in a Changing World

The keys to world class leadership in the new world of work

Leading in a changing worldTo be successful in the turbulent decade that lies ahead – leaders and all the people they lead – need to learn to deal with complexity, uncertainty constant change. To do this effectively, the most important starting point is to understand context and be confident in identifying, anticipating and responding to the change drivers that will disrupt the future world of work.

Leading in a Changing World paints a vivid context for leadership in a changing world of work by identifying the three key drivers of change, namely, a changing world, a changing workforce and a changing workplace. From this platform three leadership imperatives emerge: The need for engagement or collaboration; the need for transparency and the need for agility. Finally, three essential skills are elaborated on for leading in the new world of work: adaptive intelligence, knowing how to gain a balcony perspective and conversations.

The changing world is being driven by shifts and advances in technology, demography, globalisation and social values, amongst others. Depending on how much time we have available, we vary how deep a look we can take at these and other drivers of change.

The changing workforce picks up the theme of demographic shifts and values, and looks at how a new generation of employees is arriving in the world of work with a different set of expectations and values (views of what is ‘normal’, right and good) at just the same time that the oldest working generation is deciding to extend their stay in the workplace (or, to put it another way, the Boomers are deciding not to retire).

A new workforce in a new world are changing how we work, and will continue to put pressure on traditional notions of the workplace. Important themes in the future will continue to be flexibility in workplace conditions, remote and virtual teams, and all forms of contract working, diversity, complexity, speed and creativity.

The programme concludes with an inspiring challenge to become a new type of leader for a new world of work, and shows that the organisations that will be successful in this new world of work are those that exhibit this type of leadership at all levels, and not just “at the top”.

The programme incorporates the best of TomorrowToday’s thinking and extensive global experience in order to provide a robust and insightful context in which to explore leadership into the future. It is designed to stimulate thinking and offer practical insights into leading in the new world of work, and developing the leaders who “know what to do when no-one knows what to do”. It provides a mix of well-researched insights, case studies from a variety of industries and contexts, and plenty of opportunities for interaction and practical learning.

In it’s simplest version, we can deliver this framework as a keynote presentation (or as a series of three presentations). But the real value comes as our clients use it in their leadership development programmes. We work with our clients to customise this for their unique requirements. This involves a discovery phase in which we interview key leaders within the organisation. We then develop a version of this programme to match their specific requirements, delivering this content in a format from 2 days to 10 days spread over a few weeks or months.


This session can be delivered as a keynote presentation or strategic input, lasting between 60 and 90 minutes – this provides an overview of the content. We use full multimedia, laced with humour and relevant case studies.

Ideally, this is offered as a multi-day leadership development programme. This can be between 2 and 10 days in length, depending on your requirements.

Take Home Value

By the end of the session, participants will:

  • Understand the changing world of work
  • Be confident in your analysis of the forces disrupting industry, and be prepared for change
  • Identify the new requirements for 21st century leaders
  • Measure yourself against the best leadership models for the new world of work, and create a developmental plan for your growth as a leader
  • Discover exciting new leadership development approaches, and take away some practical tips and tools for developing new types of leaders at all levels of your organisation
  • Be inspired to a higher level of leadership excellence

“Most people prefer stability to chaos, clarity to confusion, and orderliness to conflict. But to practice leadership you need to accept that you are in the business of generating chaos, confusion and conflict, for yourself and others around you,” writes Ron Heifitz in his book ‘The Practice of Adaptive Leadership‘. This represents the polar opposite of what often is considered ‘good leadership’ and certainly his statement, and the thought it represents, demands serious consideration from those in leadership. Exercising authentic leadership in which adaptive intelligence is required demands that you be willing and competent at stepping into the unknown and stirring things up. These are skills that can be learnt.

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