Gregory Burns Ready for Amazing Virtual and Hybrid Events

Gregory Burns

Singapore-based motivational speaker, Gregory Burns, is ready to bring your virtual event to the next level – partnering with a production company with well-equipped virtual stage that has digital screens all around, we can bring the audience up front and center, and allow direct conversations amongst the participants.

We can also help the clients host hybrid events – which allow the local team to attend the session live onsite, and their colleagues joining digitally from around the world.

Gregory BurnsGregory Burns is a highly sought after motivational speaker, world-class athlete and internationally renowned fine artist. Well known for competing in three Paralympic Games and setting four world records in swimming he then transitioned into IronMan events, inspiring many with his discipline and perseverance. For over three decades, Gregory has been painting professionally across 30 countries receiving high accolades including the prestigious 2016 Sports Artist of the Year Award.

The passion he reserved for challenging endurance activities he now channels into his artwork and speaking events. When he is not leading creative masterclasses offering transformational content, Gregory is simply, “putting the magic on canvas”.

Gregory was born in the US, the son of a diplomat and has built a reputation as a peak performance athlete and artist working with high level audiences on topics related to the mind, body and business connection. He holds a BA in Communication Studies and Master in Fine Arts in painting. Gregory has published three books in English and Mandarin and has been featured on CNN, BBC, CNBC, ESPN, CNA, CCTV and in the AWSJ, Time Magazine and The China Daily.

Gregory’s speaking topics are:

  • Winning one step at a time
  • Energizing mantras and mindsets
  • Adapting & balancing work and personal life
  • Creating and persevering through uncertainty
  • Experiment outside comfort zones
  • Re-engage the right side of the brain
  • Work creatively alone and with teams
  • Define and present a Leadership 
  • Team-building
  • Creative problem solving
  • Leadership
  • Time & energy management

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