Hans Rosling: Asia's Rise – How and When

Named one of the “100 Top Global Thinkers of 2009”, Prof Hans Rosling is a data visionary and global health expert.

“Rosling believes that making information more accessible has the potential to change the quality of the information itself”
~ Business Week Online

It is super fun to watch Hans present…

Hans is most inspiring, isn’t he?

Hans Rosling

Professor Hans Rosling is the founder of the Gapminder Foundation which strives to make statistical data freely available and easily understandable online. As part of Gapminder´s work, they created Trendalyzer which is a software product that unveils the beauty of statistics by turning boring numbers into enjoyable animations and interactive graphics. Now he is looking at the bigger picture, increasing our understanding of social and economic development with the remarkable trend-revealing software he created. The Foreign Magazine named him one of the “100 Top Global Thinkers of 2009”.

Hans Rosling began his wide-ranging career as a physician, spending many years in rural Africa tracking a rare paralytic disease (which he named konzo) and discovering its cause: hunger and badly processed cassava. He cofounded Médecins sans Frontièrs (Doctors without Borders) Sweden, wrote a textbook on global health, and as a professor at the Karolinska Institut in Stockholm initiated key international research collaborations.

Hans’ presentations are grounded in solid statistics (often drawn from United Nations data), illustrated by the visualization software he developed. The animations transform development statistics into moving bubbles and flowing curves that make global trends clear, intuitive and even playful.

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