Insights from Dr. Erez Morag on Improving Performance

erez morag

Dr. Erez Morag, former Nike Game Changer and founder of Acceler8 Performance Ltd shares his thoughts on how treasurers can use sports science principles to improve their performance. He says “Keep searching, keep screening for the new insights rather than doing what everybody else is doing is the one key principle that can help elevate individual and business performance.”

Dr. Morag believes that “anyone can innovate” and reminds us  that “Good ideas are dying because there is no continuation.” He speaks to business leaders, engineers, entrepreneurs, and students all over the world on topics such as Elevating Performance Through Innovation and Creativity and Bridging the Gap between Product and Brand Innovation.

Aside from this interview with EuroFinance, Dr. Morag’s insights has inspired the High tech sector (Intel, Oracle, HP, Applied Materials, SAP, Texas Instruments, Checkpoint, etc.); Biotech sector (Abbvie Pharmaceutical, Covidien); Banking sector (Societe Generale Group, ANZ Bank); Telecom sector (Cellbrite, Partner Communications); Education sector (Harvard Business School, Willamette University), Advertising sector (McCann Erickson), and the Sport Sector (The National Football League, Australian Sport Tech Network).


As a game changer at Nike, Dr. Erez Morag was responsible for the innovation research in the multi-billion dollar global football and women’s fitness industries such as the Nike Football+. At the Nike Sport Research Lab, Dr. Erez Morag got the chance to work with countless elite athletes like Ronaldo, Russell Westbrook, Manu Ginobili Larry Fitzgerald, Liu Xiang, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

Dr. Morag’s passion for science, teaching and coaching can be traced back to his education. Dr. Morag conducted his postdoctoral research at Rush Medical Center, Chicago, where he also pioneered a workshop for Chicago public school teachers on using sports to teach science and math. He earned his doctoral degree from Pennsylvania State University in Exercise and Sports Science and holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Illinois and a Bachelor of Education degree as well as teaching and coaching certificates from Wingate Institute. He has received prestigious awards for his scientific work, teaching, and innovation. In addition, he was awarded 20 patents and has filed 5 additional ones.

Aside from being an accomplished researcher and entrepreneur, Dr. Erez Morag is dynamic and personable, inspiring audiences with his passion for sport and business.

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