Insights from Philippines-based Speaker Raju Mandhyan

Philippines-based speaker Raju Mandhyan, host of the exPat InSights, offered insights on life and living, business and investing in the Philippines, and talked about his books, The Heart of Public Speaking, The Heart of Humor and Pit Bulls & Entrepreneurs, in an interview hosted by  Mr. Chritian Clay Mendoza, the Trade Commissioner of Mexico to the Philippines.

Raju Mandhyan

Raju highlights and then helps eradicate the fine line that divides creative thought and constructive action when it comes to leadership development. He has worked and delivered powerful results with audiences of seven to seven thousand across the Asian‐Pacific region. His heart‐smart approach towards vision building, goal‐setting and performance enhancement guarantees long‐lasting results for your events and executive development needs. Regarded as an insightful and humorous raconteur, Raju has delivered presentations and workshops for numerous organizations in Asia.

Raju Mandhyan has a background in manufacturing, exports and international trade and has been trained in multiple modalities for human capital development like Neuro Linguistic Programming, Whole‐Brain Thinking, Life Orientations, American Management Association and International Coaching Federation’s specific training for Life Coaches.

Raju Mandhyan is also an author of two books, the Heart of Public Speaking and the Heart of Humor.

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