Insights on Idea Generation by Ken Hudson

Ken Hudson often gets asked “How do you generate breakthrough ideas and solutions?”, so he came up with “The Power of Three”. That means to create three types of solutions or ideas for every problem:

  1. Usual – ideas that have worked in the past
  2. Different – tweaked versions of ideas that have worked before
  3. Radical – unexpected, almost crazy ideas

This very simple tool enables individuals, groups and organizations to offer up ideas, evaluate existing ones and sell new concepts. Take a look at how these tools and tips are explained in three of Ken Hudson’s videos.

Ken Hudson

Ken Hudson is considered as one of Australia’s most unique and creative thought leaders, and is internationally known as the inventor of speed thinking.

He holds a PhD in Organizational Creativity, a MBA and a Bachelor’s degree in business. Ken has had over 15 years of experience in marketing, advertising and management consulting. He was a former Marketing Director at American Express who spent 14 years in senior positions with other organisations including Citibank and Dunlop Slazenger.

Ken shares his passion and expertise by being a part-time university lecturer at UTS, a seasoned keynote speaker and an acclaimed author. His workshops and presentations are sought after by some of the world’s biggest brands, including Nestle, Dell Computers, PayPal, Heinz, Intel, Citibank, NAB, The Benevolent Society and Qantas. His company, The Speed Thinking Zone, now helps employees, managers and business owners deliver faster and better results under time constraints.

Ken is the author of three internationally published books, “The Idea Generator ” (Allen & Unwin 2007), “The Idea Accelerator” (A&U 2008) and “Speed Thinking” (A&U 2010). Aside from Speed Thinking, Ken has also invented a mobile app called Ideas Blitz,  and Small Wins Innovation, an easy way for teams to innovate called Small Wins Innovation. Brainstorming, Ideas Blitz and Small Wins Innovation all have ebooks too.

Ken Hudson’s Presentation Topics include:

  • Moving beyond Digital Disruption
  • Speed Thinking
  • Reinvent or else!
  • How to innovate
  • The Continuously Creative Organisation

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