Jack Sim Inspired Corporate Executives on Living a Useful Life

Jack Sim

Jack Sim recently spoke before corporate executives on Living a Useful Life. His presentation was deemed very insightful and inspiring to the audience.

Living a Useful Life

Jack’s life is an inspirational journey of entrepreneurship and making a mark in society. It is a journey of gumption, leveraging on the diversity of assets and talents and aligning them into a global movement to solve a common problem.

In his presentation, he showed the audience how to discover their purpose in life, and pursue it for the goodness of society.

Above all, he showed the audience how to dream far beyond the personal capacity and how to achieve these dreams through collaborative efforts.

Jack Sim

Jack SimJack Sim, founder of World Toilet Organization, achieved financial success through several business ventures at an early age. As he grew older, Jack felt the need to change his direction in life and give back to humanity– he wanted to live his life according to the motto “Live a useful life”. Jack soon left his businesses and embarked on a journey to have a positive impact in the world. In 2001, Jack Sim founded the World Toilet Organization (WTO) to bring the Sanitation issue to the global spotlight and to advocate for clean sanitation for all. After years of dedication to the Sanitation issue, Jack Sim continues to be involved but in 2011, he embarked on a new radical project, that being BoP HUB. He had a vision to “design business to end poverty”. Jack is a firm believer in the economic empowerment of the poor. BoP HUB now serves as a vehicle for partners in every industry and sector to collaborate and accelerate effective social business models focused at the base of the pyramid.

Among his many accolades are:

  • Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur of the year in 2006
  • Ashoka Global fellow in 2007
  • Asian Development Bank Water Champion in 2007
  • TIME Magazine Hero of the Environment in 2008
  • Reader’s Digest Asian of the Year in 2011
  • Synergos Senior Fellow in 2013.

Jack‘s speaking topics are:

  • Breaking cultural taboos: addressing the global sanitation crisis
  • How to build a movement
  • Unlocking business opportunities at the base of the pyramid
  • Entrepreneurship / Social Enterprise
  • Leverage model: how to build a global brand at zero cost
  • Thinking in a new way
  • The Creativity of Re-Inventing the Everyday

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