Jane Horan Published a New Book: How Asian Women Lead

Singapore-based leadership speaker Jane Horan just published her new book: How Asian Women Lead: Lessons for Global Organisations. So many insights!

Jane_Horan                                                              How Asian women lead

There is no doubt the next decade of economic growth will focus heavily on Asia. As global corporations spread across Asia to establish positions and market share, they frequently ignore organizational and human capital challenges. Their system for leadership selection has allowed for a very small percentage of women in decision-making roles, illustrating how their processes are out of date, carry a Western lens, and are ill-suited for Asian markets.

How Asian Women Lead provides a vastly different picture than Western-focused leadership literature, highlighting obstacles Asian women face reaching the top, and looking beneath the corporate surface to show cultural and family perspectives. Through her research and the stories of four uniquely different women leaders from varying Asian economies and industries, Horan offers a new perspective to help business leaders and human capital professionals understand leadership diversity, build inclusive and engaged organizations, and sustain success.

Jane Horan

Jane is the founder of the Horan Group, a strategic consulting practice focusing on the acceleration of women leaders, innovation and learning. Previously, the Director of Management & Organizational Development for Kraft Foods Asia in Singapore responsible for leading the formulation and implementation of Kraft’s employee development, talent management and innovation strategies. Prior to Kraft, Jane was the Executive Director of Organizational Development for The Walt Disney Company (Asia Pacific) based in Hong Kong. Whilst at Disney Jane was accountable to lead all Talent Management, Leadership Development, and Organization and Culture Change initiatives across Asia Pacific.  During her tenure with Disney, Jane designed and implemented business driven action learning programs for high potential talents driving innovation and entrepreneurship across business segments. Jane facilitated, organizational savvy workshops and provided executive coaching to women leaders across multiple business segments.

Jane has extensive background in cross cultural development, building global teams and working with virtual, diverse teams. Jane has published articles and is a frequent speaker on Transformational Women Leaders, Positive Politics, Employment Branding, HR practices, and Innovation. Of late, Jane provides workshops and coaching to executive women on positive politics, ethical lobbying, and high integrity tactics for career and business success. Leveraging on her business experience and research on women leaders, Jane now works with multiple Fortune 100 companies , NGO’s and academic institutions in the Asia Pacific Region and across Europe.

Jane holds a board position as 1st Vice President with PrimeTime, a business and professional women’s network in Singapore. She is frequently published on Women-omics, a global organization focusing on gender balance work environments.

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