Jeffrey Robinson's New Book on Money Laundering: Criminal Intent

Jeffrey Robinson, recognised expert on money laundering, organized crime and fraud, wrote a new book on money  laundering, Criminal Intent – THE SWISS WASH WHITER. The book is an investigative tour de force, that pulls the Wizard of Oz curtain back on the hypocrisy behind the headlines. The book can be bought on Amazon here

Jeffrey Robinson Jeffrey Robinson - criminal intent

Jeffrey Robinson

Jeffrey Robinson is the international bestselling author of 27 books, including The Laundrymen (the definitive book on money laundering), The Merger (documenting the conglomeration of transnational organized crime), The Sink (an exploration of dirty money and the offshore world), The Takedown (the unlikely demise of the Norte Valle cocaine cartel) and There’s A Sucker Born Every Minute (a treatise on fraud).

A recognized expert on money laundering, organized crime and fraud, he has been well known on the international speaking circuit for more than 30 years, is a frequent guest on television talk shows around the world, and was labeled, by the British Bankers’ Association, “the world’s most important financial crime journalist.”

Unique in his ability to mix hard facts about extremely serious subjects with humour, anecdotes and a conversational style, he is a past winner of the coveted Benedictine “After Dinner Speaker of the Year” award.

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