Jimmy Ong’s Life Story Made Docudrama on Singapore National TV

Jimmy Ong‘s life story was made docudrama entitled “Unbroken” on Singapore National TV.



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Jimmy Ong

Jimmy Ong, an individual who had gone through extreme circumstances in life. But despite facing heart breaking failures and insurmountable challenges which drove him to the edge of ending his life, he found a way to overcome his plight. Through sheer determination and leveraging on new life strategies, Jimmy successfully embarked on a ‘New Beginning” that saw a reversal in his “fortune” and his wildest dreams becoming a reality.

Today, Jimmy has incorporated his own life experiences and established methodologies into several talks, training programs and coaching series. These programs are designed to inspire working professionals to overcome challenges in life and at work so that they can be equipped to transform seemingly impossible situations to positive outcomes.

Jimmy, a Founder of “Jimmy Ong Motivation and Coaching” and an official life coach/trainer at the Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore. Jimmy also conducts motivational talks at companies such as; Allianz SE Singapore, Senoko Energy, HSBC Malaysia, International Sos, KS Energy, AMOS International – just to name a few.

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