John Izzo: The Purpose Revolution

John Izzo

John Izzo, bestselling author, researcher and keynote speaker shares his views on “The Purpose Revolution” — the radical desire for work to be more than money, for our buying, employment and loyalty to align with the desire for meaning and social good.

The Purpose Revolution is a unique series that is all about the emergence of
a new driver of choice which is happening worldwide whereby consumers, employees and investors are using purpose and community as a major driver of their commitments. .

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John Izzo

John Izzo has spent more than two decades mapping out the emergence of the seismic shift happening in business— The Purpose Revolution—a radical desire for work to be about more than money and for our buying, employment, and loyalty connecting to a desire for meaning and social good. Those companies and leaders who respond to these expectations are engaging both employees and customers, creating fierce loyalty.

John helps clients understand the emerging keys to employee and customer engagement while leaving your team with ideas they can put into practice right away to grow your brand and win, motivate and keep the best talent.

With clients including IBM, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, QANTAS and Microsoft, Dr John Izzo understands what creates a sense of purpose for modern teams and consumers in a way few can match. A bestselling author of eight books and researcher, Dr John Izzo has spoken to over a million people in audiences worldwide and worked with over 500 of the world’s leading organizations.

Using captivating, well-researched storytelling combined with practical advice, Dr John Izzo helps leaders and teams to join the purpose revolution – paving the way to highly engaged teams and superlative levels of customer loyalty.

John‘s keynotes are:

  • The Purpose Revolution:Differentiating Your Brand in an Age of Disruption & Winning & Engaging Talent in an Age of Social Good
  • Leading on Purpose:Inspiring People with the Why
  • The Secrets of Highly Engaging Workplaces and Leaders
  • 100% Responsibility / Zero Excuses: How Taking Responsibility Changes Everything

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