John Shackleton: Inspire Your Team to Achieve Their Best

Want to coach your team in a better way? Learn from the international sport coach and sought after speaker, John Shackleton, on how to inspire them to achieve their best, instead of telling them what to do, with little results.

The “Inspire Your Team” workshop is for leaders and managers at all levels and it covers the fundamentals of coaching staff to higher levels of performance. It shows that the approach used by international sports coaches to inspire their athletes is much more appropriate in today’s business environment than the traditional business coaching model.

A sports coach understands that their athletes will always know more about the task they perform every day than the coach does. That is why a top level sports coach will never “tell” their charges what to do unless specifically asked. Most managers find this approach difficult to follow because the traditional manager/subordinate structure suggests that they are supposed to be the expert and therefore they should be training their staff in what to do.

The truth is that we all learn from our own experience and often have to go through successes and failures ourselves before we can fully understand a new concept. A good manager encourages us to create our own path whilst ensuring it fits into the company’s strategies and targets.

This practical, interactive workshop gives leaders the tools to start coaching staff immediately:

* The difference between teaching and coaching

* The drawbacks of the traditional ‘business coaching’ model

* Self esteem determines performance

* How to raise self esteem in staff * Recognising the need for coaching rather than training

* The difference between inspiration and motivation

* Six essential practical coaching tips

* How to apply the coaching model immediately.actical coaching tips

* How to apply the coaching model immediately.

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